Explicit or conscious-focused research to predict consumer responses in the marketplace FAILS because science proves 75% to 85% of all thinking occurs in our subconscious.
— Gerald Zaltman, Professor emeritus at Harvard Business School


BEYOND REASON’s management consultancy services helps organisations to align their marketing processes and marketing projects with new scientific insights. 

TOOLS: Training. Market Research. Implementation.


1. Training: understand the new science

BEYOND REASON introduces senior management and marketing teams to the latest scientific discoveries about the decision making process, with a pivotal role for the Implicit Motivation Theory. 

TOOLS: Lectures, workshops and training sessions.

2. Research: 'next level’ consumer insights 

Implicit Motives are the dominant factor in purchase decisions. Consequently, it is crucial for corporations to understand how their brands and products relate to the Implicit Motives of their consumers. 
BEYOND REASON conducts research projects that measure* and rank implicit motives according the influence they have on the purchase decision; be it for products, brands, or market categories.

TOOLS: Implicit market research methods

*note: Implicit Motives can only be measured with specialised research tools. BEYOND REASON has developed at set of bias-free implicit measures that reach far beyond the test participants introspective limits. BEYOND REASON employs senior scientists and software engineers from leading universities worldwide. 


3. Implementation: science based marketing

Equitable usage of the Implicit based research data leads to highly performant practices. Beyond Reason helps marketing teams and their key suppliers (creative agencies, product developers, media planners, etc.) to integrate the ‘next level’ consumer insights on different domains. The scientific method relates to product development, lifecycle studies, pricing, positioning, brand strategy, campaign development and campaign testing etc.

TOOLS : Beyond Reason Method, Implicit Campaign Test


The main challenges of the modern marketeer -relevance, attention & loyalty- all relate to the consumer’s decision taking process. Increasing an organisation’s capacity to influence the consumer’s purchase decisions, equals increasing marketing performance and overall bottom-line. 
BEYOND REASON provides commercial organisations with the necessary tools -knowledge, research and implementation- to achieve this goal.